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All the material was composed of other artists and had a pop format. Fortunately, this album was not performed but 2 issues that appear in The Contender have been saved. The theme that gives title to this album, The Contender, has an interesting story behind. JC was proposed to write the music for a 50-minute documentary, about the Welter Weight Boxing Champion, Hedgeman Lewis. This documentary would be made at the beginning of 78. This album was recorded in Muscle Sholas in Alabama, and was produced by Jim Capaldi himself. It presents 10 themes, 8 of which written by JC himself, (Tony Brainsby publicity at

Electric Nights (1979): During the seventies a great migration of the psychedelic fields and festivals to the dark confines of recording studies took place. There without a window in a fresh air, these music icons made rock in an address where they pay tribute over time. Rock, Funk, Country, Disco, Baladas and Social Critique fill and mix a musical pot of mediocrity. Under the influence of the Beatles, they found their expression in groups such as The Eagles and Steely Dan. You can hear something of this progressive rock in the music of the end of Traffic, but Steve Winwood’s voice in some way, raised the final result. Jim Capaldi is not Steve Winwood, it is not a Don Henley (the Eagles leader), it is only a non-ostentatious battery, without Lotron, with a characteristic voice that other singers like Ringo Starr or Roger Daltrey (The Who) pay for them to They write for them. Songs like Wild Geese or 1890 seem great statements of intention. Someone could think that these songs remind the Legal Street Bob Dylan, but it is a mistake to consider Jim Capaldi as a resolved and lonely composer. There is no heart in the proposal of him, or soul what leads him to make nonsense as Shoe Shine. The album was produced by Jim Capaldi himself, with 9 issues, in which a group formed by Jim Capaldi stands out on voices, battery, percussion, timbales and choirs; Ray Allen in the saxophones, percussion and congas; Peter Bonas on guitars; Phil Capaldi in the choirs and percussion; Rosko Gee in the bass; Chris will park on keyboards and collaboration among others of the Trevor Morais battery. / discography / jim _capaldi

The Sweet Smell of Success (1980).

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