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Good morning I need Hello: I urgently need a DLS loan to pay in a year and a half. It is to consolidate a debt. Can someone help me?

I am a serious and responsible employee, I have been working for 30 years in my company, I would pay in 72 months, a secure monthly payment, my phone is the mail Duarteub Liv Co MX. I’m about to give birth and they want to leave me on the street if I do not pay income and other things here. Hello my name is Sonia M. Craib I need a loan from me.

I have a Small Bisness and my house pays. God bless you. My name is Samarys if I sent you this message is because I need a loan of 9, k I need for a house and fornitura and k I lost everything a few months ago I work 5 hours of cleaning Social Security for my daughter I need k call me Devolve your money with interest I am honest and sincere I can pay for after the k business and interest I am waiting for an IRS money and has not come for my children for k have a home and their cocitas is k I ask from heart communicate With me and give me and give you hope, 4 children and ami thank you please answer me Patras Thank you AMI Email Samaryrobles Gem.

Hello, my name is Jose Moreno as 1 month my wife and I built our house but by mistake of a young intoxicated Choko our little house we tried to lift it but we already made us very dicile since we paid the ground rental apartment and other things I have a stable job work for Jobe Materials and I know what I ask, I can pay for an urgent help …. Thank you my email is Joomoreno Gem. I have work and I can pay them in a year … it’s urgent since I need the car to work.

I am interested in a loan of 20 USD to complete investment in my business, it is insurance and has been operating and growing more than 8 months. You can contact me by AbelDiazbara GEM and discuss conditions. I request loan for debt consolidation, emergency medical expenses and personal expenses. More than two years of fixed work in the same company, in San Francisco California, supporting documents: account statements, check of checks. I have stable work of 40horas a week.

I calculate being able to return it in 12 months my email is paolachale73 gem thank you. Loan of 35, to consolidate debts my phone is Luis Email Pisitoayahoo.

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