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According to state law, any person who is dedicated to fornication for money or an equivalent is guilty of prostitution, a class 1 crime but Virginia not only prohibits the act of prostitution itself, but any offer of prostitution with or Without compliance. In fact, only the offer of sexual services for money or an equivalent is punishable as a less class 1 crime, with a sentence similar to that of prostitution itself.

Without the help of a Virginia prostitution attorney to help manage his defense, he could face consequences that alter life. Contact a lawyer with experience in criminal cases for a free consultation.

The law also penalizes the act of allowing a child to be brought to prostitution when the defendant is the child’s father. Finally, Virginia residents who receive money from prostitution profits or benefit prostitutes are guilty of a crime related to prostitution.

All compulsion and procurement crimes are class 4 crimes in Virginia. It does not matter that you are looking for a stewardess, a happiness experience, a whore, a porn star or a traveler.

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Check with your state Medicaid office to see if you or your family members are eligible to receive benefits.

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